Authors in the shade of pandemic situation

Gigi Sedlamayer


Sharon C. Williams


“Live for us in that time, was the same. We only heard how bad it was elsewhere. “: Gigi Sedlmayer

“That gave me time, time that I never could count on before.” : Sharon

The outbreak of any infected viral disease might be stressful for people. The pandemic is causing significantly increased levels of stress and anxiety. Most people are in a hypersensitive state of mind right now. But, what about the feelings of writers and poets whose works depend only on their mind? How they feel in the shade of Covid 19?

Sharon C. Williams from the US and Gigi Sedlmayar told VOICE 9 how they do their works in the pandemic situation.

What Gigi Sedlmayer, the renowned author, told Voice 9-

“Well Tarak I don’t know if i can write an article about the “Creative life in the shade of Covid 19”. Why you ask? Because here in Queenland, where we live, nothing has changed. Queensland’s Premier just closed the doors that means the borders, to all the other states of Australia. We were isolated, yes, and couldn’t go anywhere, except Queensland.


We had some regulations, yes, like keep the distance from one another, wash hands with antiseptic. That was all. Not even face masked we needed. Some people had but most not. Live for us in that time, was the same. We only heard how bad it was elsewhere.


Only one bad thing was, closing the boarders to the other states, that not good for the economy. Little shops had to close down, actually quite a lot of them; but lots survived. Live, as I said, war normal for me. As well as for my husband who still went to work and they had a lot of work, still, yes, in his Boat designing business. Me, I work from home anyway.

Only going shopping out. We just went for a 2 week holiday around Queensland. Okay, we took our bedding with us, but otherwise all was normal. So Tarak, that is all what i can say, living with the Covid 19. Normal life, and I enjoy my garden, since we come into Spring. And in that time, I published book 6. With one exception, church was closed for one month after it all started. But we could watch it online. After the one month, church opened again, with difference – the distance from one another- the chairs were standing apart, with two chairs or 3 chairs or 4 chairs together, for family or for one person. And that is still on.

What Sharon C. Williams, a famed author, told Voice 9.

“I’ve told myself often that there’s just not enough time to work on the aspects of writing.

To those who are in this field you know there is writing the book, editing, revising and recycle the process. After that you have to find a publisher or publish it yourself, market it and gosh just so much more.

Than the pandemic started. People in my state in the US were required to stay home. So, my family was home with me, all day and night.


But now my meetings with writers, trips to the bookstore and other activities were restricted. I to this day just go to the grocery stores, the doctors and very few other places. My church is streaming so I don’t go to church in the literal sense.

This gave me time. Time that I never could count on before.

I been able to finish volume four to my Jasper, Amazon parrot series and finish round one of edits. I been able to reach out to ask bloggers to review my books, to interview me and to do guest post. Something I knew I had to do but time was not on my side.

What has come from that is a radio interview out of England, some lovely reviews, some lovely interviews and my first guest post on a blog. I been able to maintain the pace since I am home majority of the time just due to circumstances.

Yet, time has also given me insight into the world around me from what I see on the news, the radio and in articles. It’s motivated me to want to write about the conditions that I am seeing play out.

But write about what exactly? How do I choose just one topic over another? I’m not sure. The issues at hand are large in their own right. If I can use my ability to write and spread it through my platform could I make an impact? Would I just anger people? It seems my country has been angry this entire year. Frankly, I don’t blame those who are. I’m angry as well at what I’m seeing.

I would like to try and write on what I’m experiencing. This time in our lives needs to be recorded. Perhaps if it helps just one person it would be worth it. If nothing else, I have the time now to do it.”

Author: Voice 9

'Voice 9' is an online Bi-Lingual (Bengali & English) News Portal, supported by East Horizon Media. It covers the good and bad news across the world.

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